Daniela Busarello


Daniela Busarello
Alma , 2020

Oil painting made from landscape pigments

created by the artist [control materials] and beeswax

on gauze.

Palette : black lava from the mar de lava, colored

black lava from the caldera de los cuervos, black

sand from the playa del paso, anthracite sand

from the caldera de los cuervos, grey-pink lava

from the montaña negra, grey lava from the salinas

de janubio, grey red lava from playa la francesa,

red lava from montaña negra, ochre lava from

montaña de guardilama, yellow lava from

montaña amarilla, yellow sand from playa del salado,

white sand from caleta del mojón blanco, shellfish

from playa del salado.

Music: Bjork Biophilia, Arvo Part.

Unique piece

L 203 X W 140 cm

Price request