Born in 1972, Mathias Kiss is a french contemporary artist. 

At the age of 14, he entered apprenticeship and then he joined Journeymen with whom he learned during 10 years the techniques and know-how of traditional french architecture and decorative arts.

Then he realized his first works, particularly the making of painted ceilings inside parisian palaces. In 2002, he founded the Attilalou agency with Olivier Piel, master craftsman, where he filled orders from the collectors, often in-situ carte blanche.

Mathias Kiss conducts researches about past and future codes about habitat. His work, build around timeless stylistic references, mixes craft know-how and contemporary experimentation.

His heritage, and his decorative culture, related to an architectural interpretation of contemporary art, cover their tracks in order to create true cultural and social bridges between decorative art and contemporary art, opposing worker to artists, providing strong artworks, not easily classifiable.

His major works include the series of Froissé Mirrors, the Kiss Room installation, the Igloo sofa, the Radiant Room created for the jeweller Boucheron and the Golden Snake monumental installations.