The French Savoir-Faire! Testimonies

Feb 6, 2021 - Feb 7, 2021

Feature 6: Testimonies


The objects and works that surround us bear witness to encounters, stories and exchanges between people, materials, professions, passions.


Chair fetishist, Pierre Staudenmeyer, founder of the Néotù gallery, relying on his network of artisans, was able to give free rein to his imagination for this everyday object that he sometimes collected with bulimia. The Kolton chair was one of the most produced models in the gallery's catalog. After a meeting with Brazilian artist Julio Villani, Pierre had upholstered two Kolton chairs with embroidered works by the latter. Sophie Mainier-Jullerot revived this collaboration with Julio Villani by working on a project for 6 Kolton chairs. The six drawings by the Brazilian artist, conceived as a whole, have been transcribed by the embroiderer Geta Mocanu and, thanks to these combined talents, these seats are now witnesses of past and new encounters.


Alongside the Koltons, the reading lamp Cosme marks the beginning of the collaboration with the lively and poetic designer Constance Guisset with Mouvements Modernes. For this project, Constance wanted to reverse the creative process and let the material guide the form and the object. She shared with Simon Muller in his Arcam Glass workshop the work of glass paste. By his side, she apprehended this molten, soft matter in order to be able to reveal all its mystery and beauty.

By teaming up with Xavier Bonsergent, cabinetmaker, they made this luminous totem designed by Constance, who through her creations, aims at awakening the ability to imagine, to create stories. 

The encounter with this material revealed a singular piece, story of an exchange between several hands.


Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert was very young when he first encountered glass, learned to know it, to work with it, to reveal it. This constant exchange he has with this living matter, Jeremy wants to tell us about it, let us perceive its intensity, the richness that it holds. The Matter mural is an extract from this conversation between matter and hand, witness to a sharing of creative forces to reveal a powerful work. Attractive, hypnotic, this sculpture shows the passionate exchange between the glassblower and his material.


These works, objects of contemplation, of questioning, of desire, are there for the pleasure of the senses.



Sophie Mainier Jullerot has invited you with pleasure to share these scenes, reminding the collector that it is through the dialogue between objects, works, that stories may be written.