Mouvements Modernes at Design Miami Basel

Messe Basel South Hall 1 , Basel , Switzerland
June 13 2023 - June 18 2023

Mouvements Modernes gallery is glad to announce its participation in the upcoming Design Miami Basel in June. Founded in 2002, the gallery is the heir of Néotù gallery, established in 1984 by Pierre Staudenmeyer. Neotu was the first gallery to edit design in France. It is with this legacy that Sophie Mainier-Jullerot defends the furniture of the 1980s and 1990s and promotes contemporary creation by editing the works of today's designers.


This year, Sophie Mainier-Jullerot will unveil a collection of emblematic pieces by the Garouste and Bonetti duo, edited by Néotù, such as the rainbow console or two tripods from their first collection, the Barbare col- lection. Garouste and Bonetti radically broke away from the functionalism and standardization of their time in favor of primitivism and elegance of the past, earning their production for Néotù gallery the nickname "new bar- barians". These pieces bear witness to a time when they disrupted the codes of design together.

"The world of Garouste & Bonetti is not that of gentle dreamers inspired by nature or nostalgic spirits fond of grandeur, nor is it primitive or baroque, elegant or fashionable, classical or fanciful. Their world is that of the end of the 20th century, woven with the contradictions of social necessity as well as the power of money, the plea- sures of communication as well as the need for a new Thebaid, seduction as well as intelligence" as highligh- ted by Pierre Staudenmeyer.


Mouvements Modernes will also showcase pieces edited in recent months at the fair, such as Fabien Petiot's Grume coffee table and Thomas Lemut's elegant stools. The Grume unveils a second opus of Fabien Petiot's Clairière series, where stumps and branched trunks are transformed into functional and sculptural furniture. As for Thomas Lemut's stools, they are characterized by their structured design that fits in with the designer's line and assembly.


The gallery's history is closely linked to the arts of fire, which Pierre Staudenmeyer fervently defended. There- fore, the gallery will exhibit an exceptional collection of Sèvres porcelain designed by Andrea Branzi, co-pro- duced by Mouvements Modernes and the famous Manufacture de Sèvres. The ceramic work of Léontine Furcy and Turi Heisselberg Pedersen will also be presented. Glass, a sensual and fragile material, will be revealed with the pieces of Nadège Desgenétez and Morgane Tschiember. With the Honey Honey series, Morgane Tschiember explores the similarities between honey and glass, pushing the physical limits of these materials to create an exploration of physical and metaphysical states through matter.


The work on gauze by Daniela Busarello will reveal the power of the history of Parisian stones through a tri- bute to Auguste Perret and the delicacy of the embroideries of the famous Atelier Montex. The poetic power of witness materials and the enhancement of know-how takes us into Daniela's strong creative universe.


It is always with the same desire to bring together eras, uses, and styles that Sophie Mainier-Jullerot defends her vision of design and decorative arts born alongside Pierre Staudenmeyer.