Mouvements Modernes at PAD Paris 2023

March 29 2023 - April 2 2023

Mouvements Modernes gallery is putting forward contemporary ceramic creations for its stand at the PAD Paris next March. Sophie Mainier-Jullerot, who trained her eye alongside Pierre Staudenmeyer is now defending the contemporary ceramists who will be the great names of tomorrow and is proposing a group of ten pieces by four artists.


Ceramics will be written in the feminine on this stand. Each of the artists has a different approach to working with clay. Michal Fargo, whom the gallery is exhibiting for the first time at a fair, and Turi Heisselberg Pedersen have in common a search for organic forms and a pulverised slip, but their renderings are nevertheless very different. Merete Rasmussen's colourful and voluminous work, like a Moebius strip, and that of the artist Morgane Tschiember complete this group of ceramic works.


The material as a guiding principle and the ability of the gallery's artists to push it to its limits is therefore in the spotlight, as is the magnificent work of blown glass by Nadège Desgenétez.
New pieces signed by designer Fabien Petiot in the continuation of the Branches console collection magnify the work of the material and the hand. Wood is turned and sculpted and earthenware becomes an accomplice to the light and sensitive line of the design of a new ceiling light.

The luminous totem by Tim Leclabart, whose canné armchair has just entered the collections of the Mobilier National, completes this set of limited edition pieces with a play of materials confronting the silkiness of the resin and the raw wood.


The central point of the stand is a large painting by Daniela Busarello, Mar de Amor, created following her trip to the island of Lanzarote, which emphasises the importance of gesture and harmony. The power of the elements is revealed through the artist's creative gesture.


Strengthened by its history with the Néotù gallery, Mouvements Modernes continues its work of defending the 1980s market, which began several years ago, and presents pieces that are now iconic by Garouste and Bonetti, Shiro Kuramata or Martin Szekely.